Fresh Air

Things got progressively better as each day went on. And on. Damn those were some long days.

During the day, the last week of the studio work internship happened at the picnic tables outside the Forest Theater. We were apparently impressively ahead of past years of the construction, and the last painting and mending jobs were tackled at an easy pace. A much needed counterpoint to hot mess in the evenings.


We cut out the last shadows, painted barrels and other small props. With the crazy long nights and easily accomplished work list, a late start became an unspoken given. One morning Jan brought one of his comic books to show Nyssa, who had been asking about it, and we spent the first thirty minutes of the day just flipping through it. After being amused by the commentary we spun through the wordless comic, Jan brought a whole stack the next day for us to enjoy. That was the day Emily also brought donuts. That was also the day we started the latest.

IMG_20170802_131604474.jpg IMG_20170804_172955936.jpg

We were blessed with gorgeous weather for our outdoor labors. Not too hot, lovely breezes just enough to refresh without spreading our work across the grass. As exhausted as I was, I never wished I were anywhere else.



The theater is just beyond Franklin street, so walking there for meal breaks was an easy jaunt. If you knew what you were doing. Which I did not. My first attempt, Meghan shouted at me from down the street because I had turn the wrong way. She drove me up on her way out (she didn’t need to stay for rehearsal because she’s front of house) and gave me directions back. I mostly got back on time.

It was funny to be getting lost again, only five minutes from familiar territory. Yes, it’s windy campus streets (The Forest Theater is part of UNC campus) but still, I had become accustomed enough to knowing my away around that I was over confident. It was kind of refreshing to be reminded that this is still new territory.

Finally, Thursday, it was the last day for the studio work. Our first departure, Emily, would take place at the end of the work day, followed by Sally, Hannah and Maya after the weekend run.

After Maya, Meghan and I had gotten collective approval from the other interns for a joint final lunch at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe, we dragged Jan and Donovan along as well. They were perplexed by the venue choice, but went with it. Honestly, I’m not sure why we chose the spot either. It just seemed funny. (Also apparently 45 years is long enough to be “ye olde”)

After lunch, Chris was there, adding last-minute electrics to one of the puppets. I was yet again grateful for the light work load, as I was able to just tag onto his project and learn from him, even as he did things he was very emphatic about not actually recommending. Plus, if I’m working with Chris, it makes me look important, and no ones asks me to do anything else.

Emily departed among the bluster of final dress preparations. The first of many little endings. Even before the show could start. How bizarre.


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