Rough ride

Monday of hell week, things got a little less blissful and lot more real.

The evening’s rehearsal was our first attempt at a full run and it was….disheartening. It ran over 30 minutes longer than goal time, my pigeon mask was misplaced so I couldn’t practice it, several other people likewise either were missing items or couldn’t get them in time.

The circle up at the end of the night was strained. I’ll say this for it, there was no blame slung, and the focus was on solving problems and doing better the next night. I am very impressed with the positivity and perseverance of this group. But the general feel could definitely be summed up as “oh fuck”.

I had also made the ill-advised decision to bike there, over-excited by being close to my workplace. I underestimated the difference in the muscles need to bike vs. run/puppeteer, and the steepness of the hills around the theater. Riding back I was cursing myself. Also I didn’t have a light for it. Just a bad idea all around.

I drove the rest of the days of hellweek, but I hope to go back to biking when we’re on the performance only schedule. I felt a little guilty for driving the three miles, but then I remembered I could also save Sol’s parents from needing to drive him home in the middle of the night, so I leaned into that excuse pretty hard.


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