Where does the time go

The last week of work in Saxapahaw was surreal. It’s nowhere near the end of the experience, and we weren’t even finished with the build before we left the studio, so I didn’t feel like I spent any time making peace with the space.

Honestly, I spent most of the week overwhelmed and just trying to maintain focus. I ate lunches down at the picnic table, where Jan usually has lunch, instead of joining the much larger group of studio workers who have lunch up the hill at the general store. Even with plenty of projects that were just me and the work, I felt like I really needed the time for solitude.

The time together was great as well, don’t get me wrong. Donovan played “despacito” pretty much every day….nearly every time he went to put music on…until it became an instant source of cheers and laughter.

Rehearsals got tighter, as we pushed to get through more and more of the show in a single evening. We didn’t get through a full run until our first night at the theater, but that’s a different story.

The final long rehearsal, the one we had the Saturday before the concert, the potluck was thin and sad, evidence of everyone’s general state of burnout. Attitudes are mostly positive, but the energy is definitely wearing.

We reached the point where the choreography is clear enough that we need to start wearing masks and costumes, and get used to performing in those restrictions. It definitely gives me a deeper love for the portion of the show I get to do just in blacks.

There is so much left in the “figure it out in the theater” zone that all I con focus on is forging forward. Out of the studio and into the world!


Right after some more finishing touches….


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